Windsor, Runnymede and Kew Gardens


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Castles, Coronets and Conifers 

Our day begins with a visit to the historic site west of Runnymede where more than 800 years ago King John tried to prevent a Civil war when he placed his seal on the Magna Carta and set our rights of freedom under the law. You might be inspired by the inaugural words of John F Kennedy with a visit to his memorial. Take a stroll to see the Ankerwycke yew this iconic 2,500 year old yew is steeped in history. According to popular belief, it was beneath this tree that King Henry VIII courted Anne Boleyn.

Next we go to Windsor and step inside Henry’s VIII favourite castle* and where he still remains today beneath the floor of St George’s chapel. Most recently used as the venue of the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan (Duke & Duchess of Sussex). If a visit to the castle is not for you then enjoy the pretty town of Windsor with its winding alleyways, cobblestone lanes and old half timbered houses and shops and wander the Windsor Great Park, following the Long Walk to enjoy the Castle from the outside. 
Perhaps consider the option of arriving in Windsor by boat with a cruise from along the river Thames* from Runnymede
Our last stop of the day London''s largest UNESCO World Heritage site of Kew Gardens, offering unique landscapes and iconic architecture from every stage of the Gardens'' history. Their collection of living plants is the largest and most diverse in the world, growing out in the Gardens and inside our glasshouses. Take the tree top walk 18 metres above the woodland floor through the tops of trees and take in the breath-taking views across the Gardens and beyond, giving you a rare insight into the complex ecosystem of the forest canopy, a world teeming with birds and insects, lichens and fungi. Then follow the path below ground to theRhizotron, an underground lab. Leaving the spectacular gardens of Kew we take the  short journey back into London.

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